The Ultimate Kneeboard® is the ultimate pilot’s accessory

It comes in two styles to suit your needs: the Fixed Ring and Loose Ring styles both have their own respective advantages. The Ultimate Kneeboard® keeps everything you need at your fingertips. Finally, you can find everything you need without fumbling or searching! The In-Flight Guide supplement contains five pages of valuable information for both the VFR and IFR pilot. iPad Holder now available!

And after a lengthy period of abuse, I'm satisfied that the rigid ring binder is not going to pull loose from the Kneeboard. Even my two young sons have not been able to tear this thing up.

June 1995 issue of Flight Training

We tried the Ultimate with both types of instrument approach plates and can report that it is much more successful marriage with the Jeppesen product. Simply pick the plates you want in front of your and snap them into the binder. They stay put and in order, no matter how turbulent the flight.

May 1995 issue of AOPA Pilot

This ingeniously designed Ultimate Kneeboard is truly the best we've ever seen, combining all the features a well-organized pilot would ever want. Jepp users won't find another kneeboard that features the Ultimate's exclusive 7-ring binder. The velcro-tipped clear strap is the perfect solution for holding NOS books in place, too.

Winter 1995 Jetstream Catalog

Designed to accompany the Ultimate Kneeboard, the Ultimate In-Flight Guide is five color-coded pages of valuble VFR and IFR information "Jepp-punched" to fit perfectly in the kneeboard. You can remove each page from its clear vinyl sleeve and write your own notes on the blank back side.

Winter 1996 Jetstream Catalog
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